Dona Tolic Hoff

BIM Technician


Associates in Architectural Technology
Harrisburg Area Community College

Dona Tolic Hoff works as a BIM Technician. Before her current employment, Dona completed an internship at MAROTTA/MAIN, where she assisted with the Emanuel Memorial Bell Tower at the Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Dona specializes in educational projects. Her 3D representation skills help clients visualize the practical details of unbuilt spaces and make changes early in the design phase. Originally educated in Revit modeling software, she is a helpful reference as MAROTTA/MAIN expands our use of BIM technology. Her software expertise facilitates the exchange of information between AutoCAD and Revit, which is essential for addition/renovation projects and work on older structures.

A Lancaster City resident, Dona appreciates MAROTTA/MAIN’s location in the heart of Lancaster’s Old Town and enjoys walking to work.